Learning from the Best and Worst Company Logos

Learning from the Best and Worst Company Logos

Logo Designing / 27-03-2019

If you’re looking to design a logo for your brand, it can help a lot to take inspiration and learn from other logos – the good ones and the bad ones. The good ones can inspire you and show you what works when it comes to designing a logo and the bad ones can tell you what not to do, so learning from both is equally important.

Starting with the best logos, we looked at some of the world famous logos to see what makes them so unique and recognizable:


The corporate giant that rules the smartphone industry has a simple logo: an illustration of a bitten apple with a monochrome color scheme. While simple, the reason this logo is so successful is because it is symbolic. Many logos incorporate apple in their imagery but none use a bitten apple to depict their brand. In a simple way, Apple managed to make their logo distinct. In fact, it is so recognizable that they don’t even need to add the company name to the logo design.

General Electric

The GE logo is a simple logo that uses the company’s initials written using a cursive typeface. The sides of it extend the typeface’s design element to resemble the spinning wheel of a washing machine, which is one of their most popular products. There’s not too much design in the logo but with a unique custom font and a subtle creative edge, the logo is so successful that it never needed any changes or upgrades!


The ecommerce giant also uses the charm of simplicity in its logo. All it’s comprised of is a plain font that reads “amazon” and the only other element is a small arrow curving beneath the logo. This small arrow is meticulously designed for creativity – the arrow actually points from the letter ‘a’ to ‘z’, representing how the company has all kinds of products! Moreover, the curve of the arrow also symbolizes a smile.


The major sports brand, Nike, has a logo that is so universal that it can be recognized by anyone in the world. Yet even in their logo, there’s nothing too much of design – just design genius! The logo comprises of a simple swoosh or tick mark, and it is this design that became synonymous with their motto, “just do it.” The swoosh design captures the athleticism of the brand accurately and anyone can see why it works so well for a sports brand.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best logos, let’s take a look at some of the worst company logos and see what went wrong with them:


A few years ago, the fashion brand Gap introduced a completely new logo. They went from a trademark, sophisticated logo to a logo that looks like a rip-off of their own company. The new font used was bland and it was heavily criticized by the design community for its lack of sophistication or creativity. In fact, it was criticized so much that the company decided to go back to their old logo only a week later.

Bing Old Logo

The search engine Bing also once had a logo that is considered one of the worst logos to exist. The reason it was so unsuccessful is because it used a bloated font that didn’t look appealing to the eyes, covered the entire space unaesthetically and had no creative spark to it. Thankfully, the current Bing logo is much more refined.

Starbucks 1971 Logo

We all know and love the iconic Starbucks logo seen today but things weren’t always like this for the famous coffee company. Back in 1971, they used a downright hideous logo for their brand featuring a brown mermaid with ugly and unnecessary detailing that put many people off. Moreover, they added a lot of text to the logo including the company name and an addition of “Coffee Tea Spices”. Even though the current logo is derived from that logo, it is still much better and gives an example of how a bad logo can be transformed into a good one with the right design elements.


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